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March 13, 2021 by Brian Laung Aoaeh Leave a Comment

A Selection of Brian’s Mechanical Pencils.

This week, March 11, 2021, marks the one year anniversary of the landmark declaration by the World Health Organization that established COVID19 as a pandemic. While the world has been wrestling with the disease outbreaks caused by SARS-CoV-2. My partner and I have been wrestling with our own personal challenge, one that in the context of COVID19, and conversations about Climate Change takes on more personal significance in our eyes.

We are building a $10,000,000 Rolling Fund on AngelList. We are building this fund as the first major step in…

Everywhere You Look, the Global Supply Chain Is a Mess ($). That is the surprising title of an article published by the Wall Street Journal on March 17, 2021. However, it is only surprising if you have not been paying attention to the state of the world since the World Health Organization declared the COVID19 pandemic just over a year ago.

Moreover, as I observed in my OpEd published by Morning Consult, during the time since that declaration: The UN Secretary General, Democratic members of the House Select Committee on the Climate Crisis, President Biden, and the CEO of BlackRock

Note: A version of this article was first published on December 19, 2020 at FreightWaves

Mechanical Pencils

Author’s Disclosure: SEDNA Systems issued me a small number of stock options in October 2019 for my role advising the team while they navigated the fundraising process leading up to the company successfully closing its seed round in 2019.

In this installment of the AI in Supply Chain series (#AIinSupplyChain) we explore how SEDNA Systems, an early stage startup based in London is helping large teams in companies all around the world manage their work-related email more effectively so that individual employees can focus more…

About me: I am a co-founder of REFASHIOND Ventures, an early-stage technology venture fund that is being built to invest in innovations that will refashion global supply chains. I am a co-founder of The Worldwide Supply Chain Federation, a growing, global network of grassroots communities focused on supply chain, innovation, and technology. I am also an adjunct professor of supply chain and operations management at the Tandon School of Engineering at New York University. …

Originally published at on Friday, October 18, 2019.

Note: 3,749 Words

Authors: Brian Laung Aoaeh, CFA, and Lisa Morales-Hellebo

The world is a supply chain. It’s that simple.

But what does that really mean? Whether we like it or not, current economic, political, social, and technology trends will compel more people to think about the implications of that statement more consciously each day.

In this blog post we;

  • Share a definition of supply chain,
  • Put the challenges confronting supply chains in context,
  • Discuss why socio-cultural forces will act as the leading catalyst for the innovations that will define supply…

Originally published at Innovation Footprints, on Oct. 17, 2019.

Author’s Note: This blog post is an updated version of User Manual: The Early Stage Startups I Want To Hear About Most in 2016 and 2017 and User Manual: The Early Stage Startups I Want To Hear About Most in 2017 and 2018. Certain portions of this version may be exactly the same as in the prior versions. However, there are significant differences between the prior versions and this one.

About REFASHIOND Ventures

REFASHIOND Ventures is a seed-stage venture fund that Lisa Morales-Hellebo and I are building to: invest in startups…

Note: A version of this article was first published on July 31, 2019 at Port Technology.

The innovations required to reinvent global supply chains will not happen without collaboration. This article describes our experience facilitating such collaborations, starting in late 2017.

In late 2016 and early 2017, I spent a lot of time studying trucking and shipping, with a view to understanding the industry dynamics at play, and to see what opportunities might exist for software startups. …

Note: A version of this article was first published on August 26, 2019, at FreightWaves.

If you have been paying attention to the news or social media over the past week or so, there’s no doubt that you have encountered The Chicken Sandwich Wars of 2019, between Chick-Fil-A and Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen.

  • In this article, we will briefly discuss the events that have transpired since August 12 in #ChickenSandwichWars.
  • Given that context, we will relate this seeming media-centric event to a well-studied but behind-the-scenes problem, known as the bullwhip effect, that plagues manufacturing supply chains everywhere.
  • We will discuss some…

Note: A version of this article was first published on August 13, 2019, at FreightWaves.

On August 4, the University College of London’s Center for Blockchain Technologies (UBL CBT) published Distributed Ledger Technology in the Supply Chain: “a market report looking at the adoption of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) in physical supply chains.” They add that the report “is the first comprehensive outlook on the state of DLT in the global physical supply chain sector.”

In this article, I synthesize three themes that the authors of this report identify as affecting the broad adoption of distributed ledger technology in global…

Brian Laung Aoaeh, CFA

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